Lõõtsa 8a, 11415 Tallinn

phone: +372 622 1886

e-mail: info[at]youroffice.ee

registration code: 11374672


You need help?
Our specialists provide you with legal advice, organise accounting, observe the movement of funds and ensure smooth office work and records management. 

You want to focus on your principal activity?
By taking care of any routine business for you, we free your time so that you can develop your business. We support your principal activities. We support you. 

We are worthy of your trust
We have been operating since year 2004. We are big enough to ensure stable services all the year round and small enough to care about each client. Caring means considering that all clients are different. We are always prepared to adapt our services according to our clients' needs.

We are fixing it!
Our mission: – we are fixing it! In other words: we bring order and keep things under control. Our vision: we anticipate the needs and wishes of our clients!


High-quality legal advice can be provided when there is legal knowledge and skills as well as knowledge of the client. Knowledge of the client presumes understanding the client's business processes and understanding the functioning of economy as a whole. It is important to maintain an open mind and be able to see solutions even in complex situations.

We have gathered knowledge and solved legal matters already since 2004. We are prepared to apply the gathered knowledge and experience to your benefit.

We provide advice in all areas of law. We support your business.


Correct accounts provide you with certainty and courage to develop your business. A good provider of accounting services is professional and confidential, never misses a deadline, anticipates your needs and takes into account the specific nature of your business. Just like us.

Our accounting service includes both what is obligatory and what is necessary for you. We have brought our service further from the past and the present – we look into the future.


The office services provided by us create a well-functioning working environment. Good office services are unnoticeable, because everything runs smoothly, reliably and securely.

Your correspondence is maintained, your business trips are arranged in due time and appropriately, you have all necessary office supplies at your office, your documents are archived and easily accessible, you always know the dates which are important for your business partners.

we see and we organise. we fix. we Foresee.


Under the trademark YOUR OFFICE, legal advice is provided by Legal Services OÜ, accounting and financial management services are provided by Financial Services OÜ, and office services are provided by Office Services OÜ; the parent company is YourOffice Group OÜ.

We started our operations in 2004 as a provider of legal assistance and office services. In 2005 we extended our business and added accounting services. Starting from 2008 we offer financial management services.

The Group employs (2016) 25 specialists. We value each other – it is the harmonious and understanding team which guarantees success and the high quality of our services. The team of YOUR OFFICE and each respective team which may be created when we provide services to you – both of these are regarded by us as teams.

We are open to everything new. We want to learn, and to see farther and higher.

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